CicloDS is a fantasy cycling game – powered by I Love Amatori – based on men’s road cycling professional season.

CicloDS lets you create and manage a fantasy cycling team during the course of the season. 

Players have to pick a lineup composed by the most suitable riders in their roster for each event and choose the captain in both One-Day Races and every stage of Stage Races.

Players are also granted the chance of making transfers between events in order to adapt their roster according to riders’ peaks of form.

Points scored by riders are related to actual race results. In One-Day Races, only the final ranking is taken into account, while in stage races both daily and final rankings are considered, as well as the rankings for the highest categories KOMs.

Players also have a limited number of bonuses to increase their chances to score points, as well as temporarily changing their roster.

CicloDS also lets players create private leagues to challenge their friends, as well as form or join a club along other players and compete with rival clubs.

According to team results and various feats accomplished in the game, players can obtain trophies and complete several challenges, while gaining experience points needed for levelling up.


Each player has a budget of 300 credits to pick a team of 12 riders for the first event.

Riders can be chosen among the UCI WorldTeams and ProTeams full rosters, which will be regularly updated during the season.

Once created their initial team, players have unlimited transfers until the start of the first event of the season (or the following event in case of late registration).


Tra i 12 corridori che compongono il proprio roster, ciascun CicloDS deve convocare 8 titolari per ogni corsa o tappa e individuare tra questi un capitano prima dell’orario di partenza di ogni corsa o tappa.

Price List


The rider selected as captain obtains twice the points scored in the race or stage for which he is chosen.

The doubling is not extended to points scored for the placements in the final rankings of Stage Races.


Race day team scores are the sum of the points scored by the 8 selected riders including the captain.

The points system establishes different values for each type of race.

Monuments Classics and Grand Tours guarantee higher scores than Minor Classics and One Week Tours. Road Races of World Championships and Olympic Games are equated to Monument Classics, while Individual Time Trials to Minor Classics.

In One-Day Races, including World Championships and Olympic Games individual races, points are awarded to riders exclusively for the finishing order.

In Stage Races, points are awarded to riders according to the finishing order, the highest categories KOM rankings and the daily rankings placement (general, points and mountain).

Moreover, in Stage Races riders are awarded bonus points according to the final rankings placement: these particular points are not doubled in the captain score.

The sum of the aforementioned points in each race day constitutes the total score of the players’ team, valid for the general classification of CicloDS.

Disqualifications or downgrades announced after the end of the stage (for example due to irregular sprinting) will be taken into account in the allocation of points, provided that they are announced before 20:00. Backdated disqualifications (even for the use of doping substances) and consequent changes to the official rankings will not be taken into consideration exclusively to preserve the regular course of the game and the technical problems inherent in those changes.

If a race is neutralized for any reason the daily scores recorded after the moment of neutralization will not be given: this means that if a KOM transit has taken place previously, the points will be regularly awarded. Points for the daily rankings will be regularly awarded at the end of the race.

Points Table


In the period between the start of an event and the start of the next one, players have the chance to use transfers to adjust their rosters.

After each event following the ending of the first one, players receive some transfers.

The number of transfers varies according to type of the subsequent event: 2 transfers for One-Day Races; 4 transfers for One-Week Tours and International Events; 6 transfers for Grand Tours.

Calendario eventi


Players can resort to four different types of bonuses, which can be used during the season for a pre-established number of times. These bonuses allow, in certain events, upon the occurrence of certain conditions and for limited periods, to derogate from the rules set out so far.

The bonus called Teamwork, which can be activated for One-Day Races and national teams competitions only, allows players to field and potentially get points from all the 12 riders on their roster. The validity of the bonus extends to the event for which it is used, so in the case of national teams competitions, players can line up all the 12 riders both in the Individual Time Trial and the Road Race.

The bonus called Double Captain, which can also be activated for One-Day Races and national teams competitions only, gives players the ability to select two captains and therefore double the score of both riders. The validity of the bonus is extended to the single race of the day, so in national teams competition, players can use it only in one of the two races.

The activation of one of these two bonuses denies the chance of activating the other, so they cannot be used in the same event. Players can use each of these bonuses twice in a single season.

Il bonus noto come Ammiraglia è attivabile durante i Grandi Giri e garantisce ai CicloDS la possibilità di sostituire, soltanto fino alla conclusione dell’evento e, naturalmente, entro i limiti dettati dal proprio budget, quei corridori che si sono ritirati (tranne che per squalifica) nel corso di tali eventi. Ciascun CicloDS ha a disposizione 3 Ammiraglie, non cumulative, per ogni Grande Giro e otterrà il 50% dei punti ottenuti dal sostituto..

Finally, the Wildcard is a bonus that offers players the possibility to change all the riders on their roster in the event for which it is used. Once the event is over, however, the team prior to the use of the bonus will return. This bonus can only be used once during the season.


Gli eventi valevoli ai fini della classifica generale di CicloDS sono 23 corse, tra le quali figurano corse a tappe e corse di un giorno del circuito UCI World Tour, oltre che campionati del mondo e Giochi olimpici, eventi che prevedono la prova in linea e la cronometro individuale (per quanto riguarda i Mondiali sono prese in considerazione le gare riservate alla categoria Elite).

Calendario eventi


At any time during the season each player can create a private league and invite other players to join by sharing a unique code.The player who creates the league can also choose the events valid for its rankings, which are based on the points scored by the contestants’ teams in the chosen events.

The player who creates the league can also choose the events valid for its rankings, which are based on the points scored by the contestants’ teams in the chosen events.


Players can also form or join clubs along other users.

Each club is made up of a minimum of 4. Until the required number is reached, the club remains inactive and can be erased by its founder.

To join a club players must enter a unique code generated at its creation or by making a request which has to be approved by the founder.

It is not possible to be part of more than one club at the same time and the minimum affiliation period is one season long. At the beginning of the new season players can leave their former club and join another one. Even founders can leave their clubs, but they have to choose a substitute among its members.

Clubs compete against each other like single players, however their score is the arithmetic mean of the best four scores of its members in each race day.


Players can collect trophies, overcome a series of challenges and obtain medals to gain experience points and increase their level.The first three players in events, special and general rankings are awarded trophies, which will fulfill the virtual trophy case in their dashboard. These are unique trophies, different for each event and season of the game.Challenges are basically goals that each player can reach thanks to their teams’ results, feats accomplished in the game and actions carried out on the website. Challenges present different levels of completion.Medals are also obtained in virtue of team results and various actions, but they do not present different stages of completion.


I CicloDS sono anche classificati secondo una scala di livelli, chiamati CicloLivelli, sulla base dei punti, denominati CicloEsperienza, guadagnati sulla base dei risultati ottenuti e delle azioni compiute nel corso della stagione.

Points are accumulated on the basis of team results, trophies won and completed challenges, but also by virtue of the actions performed within the game, such as using its features.

Attualmente sono presenti 50 CicloLivelli: l’incremento dell’esperienza e la progressione dei livelli sono rappresentate graficamente sul profilo di ogni CicloDS.

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